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Thai’s goal for each and every tour is to ensure a fantastic experience and lasting memories. Here is a selection of testimonials about GoBamboo Trek.



Peter Davis - via New Hanoin website - May 2014
I have just completed a great 6 day motor bike tour with Thai Tinh. My son, who is 18 years old invited me to join him for an adventure (he has spent about four months in SE Asia and I joined him in Vietnam for a couple of weeks)!So it was to be me on the back of Thai's bike and my son driving separately.
We gave Thai an idea of what we wanted to achieve from the tour and asked for a customised specification in advance for the trip. Thai responded quickly to emails and gave us a really exciting and ambitious itinerary. We decided on a journey of about 900km Hanoi-Sapa and made it clear we wanted to go off the beaten track. As I had never been on a motor bike before it was important that we felt comfortable with the arrangements, his driving and, most importantly, that we could get on with him and would enjoy his proposals, including accommodation and meals. Accordingly we met up with Thai the day before the trip commenced and were in possession of a comprehensive and costed proposal (and met his family!).
Thai proved to be an excellent tour guide. My son and I got on very well with him, his English was excellent and nothing appeared too much trouble. The journey was well paced and ,although it is not a trip for the fainthearted(ie for a person of my generation) it was an unforgettable experience. Thai's driving was exemplary and risk free. I would be happy to give further information to others contemplating such a trip.

Myalee (from Canada), 2013 - via New Hanoin website
"I completed a 5 day motorcycle tour from Hanoi to Sa Pa with Thai from 28 Aug - 2 Sept 2013 and fully recommend traveling with him.  Not only did Thai do an excellent job of the actual motorcycle trip he helped me with my entire visit to Hanoi including airport pick up and drop off, recommending an excellent reasonably priced hotel in the old quarter (Evergreen Hotel) and booking a 2 day cruise in Ha Long bay also.  Truly one stop for all your service needs and very competent at his job.  

More than this however Thai really goes above and beyond to make his guests feel welcome.  As a solo female traveler with only a little motorcycling experience I was quite worried as to what I might have signed up for!  But Thai's genuine concern for my safety and comfort immediately put me at ease.  My bike was in good working order and very suitable to the requirements.  Thai himself rides very safely, always looking out that his guests are ok and enjoying themselves.

While this is an adventure style trip and I was prepared to be flexible with food and accommodation standards I never had to.  The places Thai selected, while not being 5 stars were all quite reasonable and clean.  Given how remote we were they were excellent.
The same was true of the Ha Long bay trip, the boat recommended and organized by Thai was extremely nice, clean and in good repair with excellent food.  After seeing the state of some of the other cruise boats I'm certainly glad I didn't opt to just go with the cheapest one - I think I would have had to sleep in a life jacket.

Overall my trip with Thai was by far the best thing I did in Viet Nam and I wouldn't hesitate to do another!  If you have specific questions you'd like to ask me please feel free to ask Thai for my email.  I'm in no way affiliated with GoBamboo or Thai himself - just a satisfied customer! :)
Thanks again Thai for an amazing visit to Viet Nam which I'll never forget! "

DevonBiddy, May 2012 - via New Hanoin website
We did a 5 day trip from Hanoi to Sapa with Thai at the beginning of May. We had been in close contact via email prior to the trip, Thai arranged the whole thing inc hotels and food. He arrived to see us the day prior as pre-arranged arriving promptly and we found he was very easygoing and friendly. An observation we saw time and again was the friendly attitude Thai had with everyone along the way, on day 1 we came across a couple broken down beside the road, Thai didn't ride on he stopped and offered help.

From day 1 Thai made it clear it was our holiday and our trip, we could stop when we wanted for photos etc, we did however have between 150/210k per day to cover so were all aware at times we just needed to move.

We are a middle aged couple but the tempo of the trip was do-able, we stopped in local cafes to eat and Thai quickly established our likes/dislikes but we were happy to try everything(nearly) Thai ordered.

Accommodation varied from homestay to 3* hotels. We saw such a lot of amazing scenery and met some lovely people in some of the most remote parts of Vietnam, we did not see any other Westerners for 4 days. We travelled over bamboo bridges and on dirt roads. It was not a luxury air-conditioned trip it was an adventure, If you want an adventure do it, we did and loved it.



Meagan (from Australia), November 2010 - via New Hanoin website
5 STARS for Thai's Tours!!!
Thank you so much for an amazing cultural experience. We set off on the motorbikes for an 8 day trip around northern Vietnam... father, daughter, son & son's girlfriend. Thai ensured a seem-less experience from the moment we met in Hanoi. Extremely patient... Thai talked us through all our tour options without any pressure to use his tours, he explained every aspect very thoroughly. Thai has a wealth of knowledge on ANYTHING & EVERYTHING you might need to know about Vietnam!

Thai was always professional & responsible... but knows how to have a great time too!!! Throughout the whole journey Thai was always a friend before a tour guide. Always friendly, patient, caring & understanding... not sure how he survived a whole week with us lot!!!
Thai's fluent English & understanding of western culture & humour were very much appreciated. Thai was very aware of food hygiene guiding us only to well prepared food. Thai has great knowledge of Vietnam past & present and has vast experience in travelling around the small villages of his country. We really enjoyed daily lessons on Vietnamese language, Thai encouraged us to attempt communicating but was always there as translation backup to save us from some 'embarrassing' moments!

After years of guiding & travelling, Thai knows the best places to see & stay. Our home-stay accommodation in the mountain villages was beautiful where we were always warmly welcomed. We gained great insight into the local ways of life.

I highly recommend Thai's very affordable tours. He will ensure you have a personally tailored experience that you will never forget. Thanks again Thai... outstanding!

Jerry Tan Lee (from Singapore), June 2011
I traveled with Thai in a party of five for 8 days to the North West and Central Highlands. We flew into Hanoi and breezed thru the immigration process with the documents Thai had supplied us. Coming out of customs Thai was there to and escort us to our hotel. The next morning we met up with Thai and he showed us the plan, collected the bikes and were off on the ride. Hanoi traffic is freaking scary but when we go out of town thing got better. The bikes are decent shape and are plenty fast enough for the Vietnam roads and since you're sharing the roads with chickens, buffalo-carts, kids, bicycles and everything else, speed isn't really an issue. It's just nice to ride along and enjoy the countryside. Lodgings were good enough for that part of the world...hot water, a clean room and clean beds. Food was for the most part very good and lots of variety. As a guide, Thai has very, very good English and translated everything for us, as well as caring for the bikes and doing all the planning. This has been the first organized tour I have gone on and learned so much more than I would have if I tried it on my own. I recommend this tour for anyone wanting to explore Vietnam and see a culture that is still fairly unspoiled from tourism. I was a little disappointed in the lack of nightlife in the country-side as most places serve warm beer and close by about 10PM. If you are hoping for more of a party atmosphere like Thailand and Bali you will have to make your own or wait until you get back to Hanoi. All things considered - a bloody good trip all up.

Brendan, Sept 2010
I arrived in Vietnam with the vague idea that I would like to explore some of the country on a motorbike. I knew that was what I wanted to do but I had no contacts, no leads and was alone. After two days in Hanoi I was ready to leave town and discover the real Vietnam, yet still I had no idea how I would go on this adventure. I was having a beer at bia corner in the Old Quarter, procrastinating the arduous trawl through the internet to find out the who, what, when and how of my trip when I met Thai. He asked me how long I had been in Vietnam and what I was going to do. I told him I wanted to travel through the country on a motorbike to see the "real Vietnam". He said you are talking to the right person and that he has a motorbike trek company. I couldn't believe my luck! He told me that he runs the treks personally and has been doing it for over 10 years. I had many questions and Thai was able to answer all. Considering the constraint of me only having 7 spare days, upon Thai's recommendation we planned a 7 day trek through the North West region of Vietnam. He promised to show me the "real Vietnam". I can happily say that he delivered on that promise. Over delivered in fact. The trip was beyond expectations and was truly amazing in every way. Over that 7 day trek and friendship was forged and the memories will be with me forever. Thai is a good and honest operator, a fantastic guide who is immensely knowledgeable in Vietnam and it's people. Go Bamboo Treks are highly recommended.



David & Amanda, August 2010
Hi Thai – For those reading this website, Thai is probably the best guide you will find. Amongst other trips, Thai organised for our group of 10 a motorcycle day trip from Hanoi. Heading off in the morning in a convoy of 10 very professionally ridden motorbikes to areas not on the tourist trail was a great experience. All of us on the tour had a great time visiting villages, historic sites, climbing mountains and eating good food. What made us feel so comfortable was the attention to safety that Thai had paid to the equipment and drivers, this made us all relax and just enjoy the ride. We would recommend Thai to anyone looking for a great day trip or long tour. Thai also helped us when we moved to Vietnam and remains a source of information about all things Vietnamese and is only too pleased to offer his assistance whenever we are in Hanoi. Thai, we look forward to coming back to Hanoi again - see you then.



Elizabeth (from the Sunshine Coast, Australia), February 2011
For a personalised tour of Vietnam look no further than Thai Tinh Travel, GoBamboo Treks. His knowledge of English, world and local history is remarkable, as is his sense of humour. Being in the "baby boomer" age bracket we opted for car travel and were treated with utmost respect, care and kindness and also had the greatest honour of a visit to Thai's village for a homestay with his family, where we were treated like royalty  Fabulous food and  every need catered for . Our trip to Sapa and travel through the ethnic minority area was one I will cherish forever. Thai's choices of accommodation were perfect. Heartfelt thanks to Thai, an excellent guide.



Lorraine (from Brisbane, Australia), Sept 2010
Thai - you looked after me so well when I was in Hanoi earlier in the year. My friends and I had great fun and felt we were in excellent hands on the day excursions to Ba Vi National Park, Thay Pagoda, and around the city. Having a local guide such as yourself made those trips extra special. I'm looking forward to doing more this October and November and happily recommend you and your treks to anyone wanting to have a genuine Vietnamese experience!



“Tenterfield”, 11 November 2010 - via TripAdvisor
“I know an excellent guide in Hanoi”. I was in Hanoi earlier this year and used an excellent guide named Thai Tinh. He is a local guy, speaks excellent English and has fantastic local knowledge. He contributed significantly to making my stay unforgetable.
I have just looked at his web site, which he had only just started when I was there and it is really worth looking at. There are lots of reviews from others who have used him since and all of his contact details are there.
If you want to do some motor bike touring in some beautiful country side, for a great price, with a funny, caring and very professional guide, check out his web site.
I was lucky to find Thai when I was there and I know I always appreciate good advice before I travel to a new destination, especially when it comes to guides.
Bill and Kerry, February 2012
Wonderful three day adventure. Cold but worth it. Will come back and take a longer trip in 13. Thanks for everything Thai.

Katrina & Raul, July 2011
Hi Thai, Thank you so much for your tour which was the highlight of Vietnam. I will never forget bathing in a jungle stream surrounded by bird song and cool mountain waters. You are awesome.

Bridie, Mum, Manfred and Karl (from Perth, Australia), Sept 2010
Hey Thai Tinh, We had a very memorable trip with you. You took us to some fantastic locations that we will never forget and we made you as a friend =] If we come over again we will be sure to visit you.  

Grace, Mary, Wilhelm and Paul (from Holland), June 2011
Wonderful trip! We would have spent more time with you if we had known about you before we arrived. Sadly some of the other tours we had booked from home were a bit of a let down after yours. We will be definitely returning to Vietnam and then you can run our whole itinerary.

May and Herb (from Perth, Australia), April 2011
Thai, I will always have memories of your beautiful country and it's wonderful people. Your trip was the highlight of our Asian holiday. Tuan was a wonderful safe driver on those  torturous roads and we always felt safe with you two around us looking to our every needs. The highlight of the highlight was the simple meal we ate with the wonderful home stay owners. All my friends have heard about your tours from Herb and I and they will certainly be contacting you well in advance of any visits to Vietnam.

Garry & Graham (from Manchester, UK), March 2011
Hi Guy, Thank you for a totally awesome four days. I still can’t get over the sights, sounds and feelings of being out in the middle of your country. I have rabbited-on about the trip to all my friends here at home. WE’RE COMING BACK, next year, more of us then drink the corner dry - be there.